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Chris Walters
I know a lot about digital publishing.

I've been writing about digital publishing since 2007.

I'm editor of BOOKSPRUNG, a blog devoted to the topic.

I've written about the Google Book Settlement, digital rights management (DRM), and piracy. I've interviewed professional genre authors who are now experimenting with self-publishing. I've also written detailed tutorials for regular folk.

This summer I was guest editor of Teleread, the longest-running English language blog on ebooks, for several weeks. (At other times I'm a regular contributor.) During my tyrannical reign I interviewed a genre publisher about its plans to launch a branded ereader to sell directly to customers.

I've been mentioned or quoted by Writers Digest's former publisher Jane Friedman, Ruth Franklin at The New Republic, and Brian O'Leary of Magellan Media Partners.

I'm a pretty decent professional writer and blogger.

I got my start in 2007 at The Consumerist, the leading consumer advocacy blog in the United States. I had some good times while I was there, including when I helped start the first big scandal over Facebook's privacy issues. I also wrote about Cheetos that looked like religious figures. The Consumerist was named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Blogs in my time.

Elsewhere, I wrote a short blog post about the Amazon Kindle for the New York Times' Gadgetwise blog. I also wrote an article about user reviews for PCWorld.

On the marketing/communication side of things, I've also written copy for national print campaigns, direct B2B marketing, and nonprofits.

(Secretly, I'm also a reformed web developer.)

I used to build websites, and sometimes those websites were built entirely in Flash. You remember that period of the web, right? Yeah, that was when every other site I built had a landing page that served no purpose other than to waste time (although we called it "branding"). I apologize to you all.

These days I work mostly with HTML and CSS, because it's the right way to build websites, and because this knowledge overlaps with digital publishing. The EPUB format is essentially XHTML and CSS wrapped in a specialized zip file.

Estimated proficiency of various web-related skills:


This one time? I was a puppeteer.